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Title: The Great Game

Subtitle: 30,000 Miles Across Central Asia

Presenter: Jon Beardmore

Director: Jon Beardmore

Producer: Luis Castro (SouthriseTV)

Genre: Factual, documentary, travel, adventure

Release date: 2016-10-10 (VOD, digital download)

Format: 1 x 61′ (feature) / 1 x 56′ (2 part TV)

Source format: Multiple HD Cameras

Premiere status: World Premiere at the Adventure Travel Film Festival on 2016-08-12


Press Kit

Press Release, World Premiere 13th August 2016: New Adventure Film THE GREAT GAME – 30,000 Miles Across Central Asia released in October 2016 (MS Word DOCX, click to download here)


One-liner (18 words)

How a game of cricket in Kabul lead one man on an extraordinary journey from London to China.

Short (76 words)

Jon Beardmore, 38 and frustrated with his 9-5 career, makes a decision that will change his life forever. Inspired by a game of cricket in Kabul, Jon sets out on an extraordinary nine-month solo overland journey across Central Asia in a 20 year Landcruiser called Boris and only his mascot Kiwi Ted for company. And he sets off with one burning question in mind – is Central Asia really as dangerous as we’re led to believe?

Medium (204 words)

Jon Beardmore, 38 and frustrated with his 9-5 career, makes a decision that will change his life forever. He is inspired by Peter Hopkirk’s classic book The Great Game, On Secret Service in High Asia, and armed with a burning desire to return to Afghanistan to play a game of cricket.

Jon sets out on an extraordinary nine-month solo overland journey across Central Asia in a 20 year Landcruiser called Boris and only his mascot Kiwi Ted for company. And he sets off with one burning question in mind – is Central Asia really as dangerous as we’re led to believe? 

The challenge to navigate across 30,000 miles and 30 countries becomes a true test of perseverance, tenacity and desire to overcome obstacles and the unexpected physical and mental challenges. It’s a journey where Jon learns more about the human nature than he could possibly imagine. Where he explores the man-made borders that have turned people into enemies and discovers, when it all comes down to it, people are essentially the same, everywhere in the world. The Great Game is a story that will challenge your perspectives and preconceived ideas of an area of the world, which people have made huge assumptions about, and yet know very little.


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Cast & Crew


Jon Beardmore is a New Zealander who loves to explore the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has a goal to visit every country on Earth. So far he has completed several long distance journeys across South America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia and visited every continent except for Antarctica. He is a first time filmmaker whose film has already been selected by the Adventure Travel Film Festival. He works as a freelance management consultant in London when he is not exploring the world. 


“Any adventure set in Central Asia was bound to be intriguing and challenging, It is clearly difficult to film in so many countries throughout the region, and I love a post-production challenge. Having seen Jon’s footage of the journey I was excited to be asked to produce the film given the task of making a positive and entertaining film out of their footage. His relationship with people, challenge of the route and his mode of transport made for a entertaining and fresh take on the grand overland adventure. The outcome is a celebration of his ‘she’ll be right’ DIY travel attitude, and a fascinating insight to a massive solo journey.”



a The Great Game – Press


a The Great Game – Press


Notes for Editors

The story of the film incorporates many geographical and cultural features of Central Asia. This section is intended as a starting point for facts and information on the region.


Jon’s journey was inspired by Peter Hopkirk’s classic book The Great Game, On Secret Service in High Asia.

“For nearly a century in the 1800’s the two most powerful nations on earth, Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia, fought a secret war in the lonely passes and deserts of Central Asia. Those engaged in this shadowy struggle called it ‘The Great Game’, a phrase immortalized by Rudyard Kipling.”


Five years in the making The Great Game: 30,000 miles across Central Asia is a feature length documentary produced by Southrise TV, who worked closely with Jon Beardmore as he captured over 200 hours of self-shot material across 30 countries. The Great Game’s World Premiere will be held at the Adventure Travel Film Festival in London on the 12-14th August 2016.


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