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Welcome to the Travel and Adventure Book Giveaway!

You’ll find some amazing Indie Authors’ samples, short stories, novellas, and even full-length novels here to download for FREE!! Please click the image to download these great books. They are all fantastic reads! Enjoy!

How a game of cricket in Kabul lead one man on an extraordinary solo overland journey across Central Asia.   38-year-old Jon Beardmore, frustrated with his 9-5 career in the city makes a decision that will change his life forever. He decides to live a life full of adventure.

Journalist Lucy Hart’s mojo has shrivelled up like a raisin and the last place she expects to find it is on assignment in deepest darkest South America. 60 Ways to Die in South America is a hilarious travel-inspired romp about love, llamas and trying not to die for fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Eat Pray Love.

Ambition vs honour in this gritty 5* action thriller. With ancient samurai codes, lethal Yakuza men, and a deadly storm to contend with, archaeologist Hiram Kane has always known honour is worth fighting for. Now he must decide if it’s also worth dying for.

The true story of a young woman who set out on the backroads of Asia with no real plan and only a backpack, to find answers to the eternal questions, who am I and why am I here. This travel memoir will not tell you how to travel, or where to go. It will simply show you why you should.

The true story of one man’s 1000 mile hiking adventure on the fabled EL Camino de Santiago in Spain. Written with insight, observation and a healthy dose of humour. As this book shows, it is rarely the start and the finish that count, but the journey in between.

Will having smoke repeatedly blown in his face deter a foreigner from breaking in to French culture? Find out, as Paul Shore’s evocative story telling, wry wit, and big heart, inspire and entertain you, as he tells the tale of how he gained acceptance inside a charming village in Provence. Uncorked will evoke fond memories of travel to fascinating places!

From the Russian club that took on Stalin to the old ladies of South Africa who want to beat up Sepp Blatter, John’s journey takes him through twelve countries to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He discovers hooliganism’s female roots and learns about the Lithuanian club that sulked its way to relegation, as he examines football across the globe.

When twenty-three-year-old Tom Allen sets off from their English village to cycle around the world. Then Tom meets Tenny, a feisty Iranian-Armenian girl with dreams of her own, and hits a crossroad. Should he give up his grand plan for the girl he loves, or cycle off and risk missing out on the greatest adventure of them all?

Young Patrick Eaton yearns to become an explorer like his legendary ancestors. But in the twenty-first century, it seems he was born too late. Then comes an opportunity to visit Central Asia with his geologist father, followed by the discovery of a secret family journal, and Patrick’s dreams of adventure are met with a life-changing journey across the Silk Road.

Blue Ice, White Powder — a true short story of shared trials, friendships tested, and deadly objectives risked. Every ski guide refused to take them up Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. When a scary Canadian walked into Jack, Rob and Pete’s bunkhouse and announced he would lead them to the top, was he their salvation or damnation?

Since the 1800s rumours have circulated about an ancient forgotten pyramid in Samoa. Yet there is no mention of the pyramid in the entire pantheon of Samoan myth. When one woman digging into the archives discovers an outlier in the dataset of Pacific history, it is the catalyst for an adventure that takes us deep into the jungles of Samoa.

When do you give up on your dreams? That’s the question Diego has been asking himself ever since he started down the mysterious path of the Camino de Santiago, in Spain’s northern reaches; on a quest taking him beyond its mists in pursuit of purpose and place.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he says to himself, “Holy crap! I’m about to be eaten by a bear!” Tony James Slater went to Ecuador, determined to become a man. It never occurred to him that ‘or die trying’ might be an option…

100 days of solitude is a celebration of doing what you love. It’s about taking the time to connect with the things that matter and to let go of the things that don’t, and getting past your own preconceptions to find yourself where you need to be, even if it isn’t the place that you imagined. 

5 days, 90 miles on the Pennine Way with my youngest son: what could possibly go wrong? Father, Son and the Pennine way is the story of our walk: what we learned about ourselves and what we learned about each other. And how I came to walk a mile in my underpants… “Brilliantly written, insightful, brutally honest and laugh-out-loud funny.”