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Jon Beardmore, 38 and frustrated with his 9-5 career, makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Inspired by a game of cricket in Kabul, Jon sets out on an extraordinary nine-month solo overland journey across Central Asia in a 20 year Landcruiser called Boris and only his mascot Kiwi Ted for company. And he sets off with one burning question in mind – is Central Asia really as dangerous as we’re led to believe?

‘As a modern-day Marco Polo, Beardmore has no equal’

– Adventure Travel Film Festival 2016


Audience Reactions to The Great Game

The Great Game is thought-provoking, funny and inspirational film. Jon Beardmore’s infectious optimism and can-do attitude open up a part of the world wrongly written off as too remote, too forbidding or too damned dangerous. If this documentary doesn’t make you want to go and see for yourself what’s out there then you don’t deserve a passport.” – Mark C

An epic story of a man who escapes the rat race so many of us dream of leaving behind. Jon, Kiwi Ted and Boris share their road trip of a lifetime as they wind their way through Europe and into Asia and back in search of ‘The Great Game’. Expertly shot and put together, this film is sure to get you out of the office and on the road! – Ollie HS

Top Gear said Toyota’s were indestructible….Jon proved them wrong! – Fiona G

Stuck in a rut? Let Jon show you how not to escape it! Join him, his mascot Kiwi Ted and ‘trusty’ car Boris as they cross 30,000 miles of smiles, laughter, breakdowns, dramas, dance-offs and a sprinkling of Afghan Cricket! – Pete K

‘A giant kiwi tears across Eurasia in a spectacular fashion’ – Ellie K

A beautifully-shot tale of one man’s first big adventure. You can’t help but get swept up by the triumphs and disasters of this intrepid Kiwi and his brave little car as they make their way across the world with little other than a sense of cheerful curiosity, a tremendous love of people and a trusty mascot teddy. The Great Game is a must see for all adventure-lovers! IT’S LITERALLY THE BEST FILM EVER GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! – Tegan P

Many dream of great adventures and never take that first step – this story is one of inspiration and exploration from start to finish. Let Jon, Boris and Kiwi Ted take you on a journey of discovery through beautiful lands forgotten and see the real side of what the media misses out. Prepare to laugh, cry and have your fire ignited with this epic tale of one man’s mission for a life less ordinary! – Emma KT

“With his trials and tribulations on the road, and one very special cricket match, Jon proves the old adage; a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” – Easty F

“If this doesn’t invite you to rip off your business suit and drive into the sunset in search of a life worth living, you’re probably already dead” – Dave C

A high energy masterpiece of an adventure film, framing the land, the man and the land cruiser that brought them together. A delight to watch, showing the highs and lows of overlanding, the rich array of people and places, and little bit of cricket. – Helen P

Some would call a man who drives across a continent and talks to his teddy bear crazy. I call those people boring! Watch the Great Game and let Jon show you how much more there is to life! – Fiona E

We all play great game of life, that balance between the sensible career and nurturing our inner wanderlust. The Great Game is a uplifting reminder of the trials and tribulations of embracing a life less ordinary, and the rewards that come from chasing your dreams, no matter how far you have to travel to realise them. – David A

A must-see for office-bound dreamers; Jon Beardmore shows you how it’s done. Inspiring and motivational.’ – Ellie M

“One game, one man and an extraordinary journey overland across two continents on the silk road” – Maria B